22 February 2006 @ 06:23 am
Things have been pretty busy lately, so I haven't had much of a chance to work on StormChat. However, users over at Evo have been having a lot of problems with it lately, so I need to get some things done.

Todo list:

  1. WEB: Rework the CPSP field. This should be renamed connection_mode. Values should be:
    • 0 = SlimChat
    • 1 = Client Pull
    • 4 = Server Push
    • 5 = Server Push (with Proxy)
  2. SERVER: Adjust code to work with new CPSP values & name.
  3. WEB: Autodetect Firefox 1.5 and push them over to using the "with Proxy" setting. Direct other Server Push users directly to the server. This will help prevent sessions timing out so often as the server has anti-timeout code (keep-alive settings) that the PHP based proxy doesn't (can't?) support.
  4. WEB: Work on the client pull code. This should operate on a timeout basis for checking new events rather than a meta-refresh. Meta refreshes break down when the browser can't connect to the server (fast enough) and the page does not complete loading. This causes it to never be loaded again because it doesn't have a meta tag to keep refreshing.
    • Revamp non-AJAX client-pull version. Store the new MID via JS in the content page and use a timeout to build and adjust the URL of the event page, either loading the new URL or refreshing the old URL.
    • Work on the AJAX code version. This will load the events via XML.
  5. WEB: Extend STC() to set the title of the page to include the number of unread events. When someone types in the submit pane, the # should be cleared and the title updated.

I also need to work on testing the 2x18G drives that I got recently and hopefully get them installed in sunrise soon (need to talk to Curt as we're way past the beginning of Feb. to go down to HostTech). Need to upgrade sunrise from Mandrake 9.1 to Mandriva 2006 as 9.1 is way out of date (and I believe causing some wierd obfuscation of errors with the StormChat server due to the SMP nature of the box-- mainly, seeing EINTR errors that mask the true error on a socket).