02 June 2011 @ 07:10 pm
StormChat Web 0.2.1 Release
StormChat Web 0.2.1, released on 6/2/2011

Changes include:

  • Many fixes in the SMF FALs.

  • Fixed up access to the admin console in the various FALs, in order to work on expanding the admin console (#3).

  • Abstracted the showModeratorGroups function into the various FALs instead of trying to code support for multiple FALs into the room library.

  • Add the ability to set debug level in the database, which will eventually be part of the admin console.

  • Log backtraces with each log message, for fine-grained detail of what's going on.

  • Add filtering to the logging code, so you can tag log messages with a debug level (long overdue).

  • Enable/disable plugins via the admin console (#3).

  • Adjust timeout values via the admin console (#3).

  • Adjust general settings via the admin console (#3).

  • Modify/remove front page announcement value via the admin console (#3).

  • Adjust cron settings (which will generate crontab syntax for the user to use) via the admin console (#3).

  • Add link in the submit panel to the Admin Console if the user is a moderator.

  • Add idle/limbo/warning code to the script-based session handler.

  • Fixed (hopefully) the issue with ghosting sessions (#15).

  • Disable timing out of moderators. That was annoying.

  • Add a social network filter plugin for twitter:username and fb:username expansion. More to come, perhaps.

  • Add a StormChat Bug filter plugin to expand bug:id to be a link to the issue tracker.

  • Implement chat font face and size options directly (#26).

  • Implement the ability to control the frame layout values. This allows people to do things like hide the avatar pane when they are using chat in the Firefox sidebar (#24).

You can check out the code via Subversion, or download one of the following files:

NOTE: Please note that when upgrading from 0.2.0 to 0.2.1, you must run update.php (go to http://yourserver.com/yourchat/update.php in your browser) to update your database schema to work properly with the code changes. Annoying things will happen if you do not!
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